Introducing ThriftedbyACG – a conscious fashion brand borne from the vision of Alicia C.G in sunny South Florida, and rooted in the heart of sustainability. As of July 2020, our impassioned mission is to spearhead the battle against the detrimental impacts of fast fashion on our planet, and to redefine the way we wear and cherish clothing.

      At ThriftedbyACG, our unwavering commitment lies in sourcing locally, breathing new life into pre-loved garments, and championing the noble cause of reducing the waste that plagues our environment. By choosing thrifted fashion, you are making a statement against the harmful grasp of the fast fashion industry, and embracing the transformative power of conscious consumption.

 Every item in our future collections embodies the ethos of sustainability, embodying a harmonious blend of vintage treasures and carefully selected modern pieces. Meticulously curated by Alicia C.G herself, each garment holds a unique story and promises to be a cherished addition to your wardrobe. Join us in this inspiring journey as we rewrite the narrative of fashion, one thoughtfully chosen piece at a time.
Love, ACG